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Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics - Presencial
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EAE Escuela de Administración de Empresas - España
Maestrías - Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics - Barcelona - España
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Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

Formato: Full Time
Modalidad: On campus
Duración / Créditos: 12 months / 70 ECTS
Idioma: English
Campus: MAD / BCN


In a globalised, and increasingly competitive economy, companies require to survive in the market, to make continuous improvements in levels of efficiency, productivity, quality and flexibility, maintaining and improving the level of service to customers. One of the most critical areas in companies that can help us to achieve these goals is the Operations and, particularly, Supply Chain Management End-to-End (from suppliers to customers ).

In this environment, that requires maximum cost efficiency and flexibility to unforeseen changes in demand, professional management of the supply chain becomes a vital competitive tool for companies to provide differential value to their customers, and to be profitable.

The in Master Supply Chain Management provides an overview of the supply chain with a multidisciplinary approach, and an optimal combination of content design and planning and implementation and management.

The Master in Supply Chain Management of EAE enables participants to successfully develop positions in the operations area, and provides the professional versatility needed to cope with guarantees in the areas of Purchasing, Planning, Production, Logistics and Distribution. It is a program designed to enhance your career to a maximum level of development.

At the end of the master's degree, students have the option of a two-week residential stay at the Hogeschool in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Professional equipped to design, implement and maintain a strategic perspective of Operations Management and, in particular, logistics and Supply Chain Management.


The current global and competitive economic contexts require greater efficiency, speed and productivity from companies and organizations. The Logistics and Supply Chain Departments supervise the flow of information and goods from the supplier right through to the end customer. As such, they play a decisive role in attaining a higher degree of efficiency and immediacy in the provision of a service or making a product competitive on the market.

In their operation departments, companies need multi-skilled professionals with a command of the most advanced management techniques, who are able to take full advantage of technological information systems and also know how to detect new business niches and even open up new markets, if necessary.

EAE’s Master in Supply Chain Management will equip you to take up positions of responsibility successfully in the operations of a company, giving you the multi-skilled professional profile required to operate with certainty in the field of purchasing, planning, production, logistics and distribution. The program is designed to enhance your professional career to the maximum. It also prepares you to pass the examination for SCPro 1 certification of the CSCMP. At the end of the program, you have the option to take part in a two-week residential program at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the Netherlands.



Giving participants a solid training in management of the supply chain, as well as gaining insight into the latest trends and developments in business management.


Heading an operations and logistics department aligned with the latest developments in distribution, consumer and supplier networks, as well as the new ways of managing our network and cannel relations.


Gaining a firm grasp of the key factors in new business models based on e-commerce and understanding how their impact on traditional systems of logistics management.


Applying the latest developments in information technologies to Supply Chain Management in order to generate greater added value.


Incentivizing the development and improvement of personal and executive skills, with the aim of enhancing efficiency in terms of decision-making, aw ell as enhancing the capacity to detect, analyse and resolve problems.

Course Contents:



Module 1 - Strategic Business Management and Supply Chain Support Functions.

- Strategic Business Management and Marketing and Sales Management - 6 ECTS
- Supply Chain planning: support functions and financial management - 3 ECTS

Module 2 - Supply Chain Strategies, Design and Trends.

- Supply Chain planning strategies by industry - 3 ECTS
- Simulation models for Supply Chain planning - 3 ECTS
- Trends and benchmarking in Supply Chain: e-commerce in Supply Chain planning - 3 ECTS
- Sustainable logistics and Operations Management simulation - 3 ECTS

Module 3 - Global Supply Chain Planning and Triple Axis SCM.

- Global Supply Chain planning - 3 ECTS
- Technologies in Supply Chain Management - 3 ECTS
- Supply Chain basis: concepts, planning and design - 3 ECTS
- Executive development and People Management - 3 ECTS

Module 4 - Execution of the Supply Chain: Priority Functions in Supplier Relations.

- Challenges in purchasing and Harvard negotiation techniques - 3 ECTS
- Production Management - 3 ECTS

Module 5 - Execution of the Supply Chain: Priority Functions in Customer Relations.

- Logistics and Storage Management. Order Fulfilment & CRM - 3 ECTS
- Management of transportation, distribution and shipping - 3 ECTS

Module 6 - Minor.

- Minor- 10 ECTS

Module 7 - Internship.

- Internship- 6 ECTS

Module 8 - Thesis.

- Master´s Thesis- 6 ECTS
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