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Bachelor Maritime Logistics & Port Management - Online
1.370 euros
Study fee = € 1,370 per semester - La formación se imparte en inglés. Los exámenes se realizarán en las oficinas internacionales.
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WINGS - Wismar University (Germany) - Alemania
Carreras universitarias - Bachelor Maritime Logistics & Port Management - Wismar - Alemania
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Comentarios sobre Bachelor Maritime Logistics & Port Management
Bachelor online Programme.
Maritime Logistics & Port Management.


The online Bachelor programme Maritime Logistics / Port Management at the Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design.

The eight-semester online Bachelor programme provides knowledge in the areas of maritime logistic and port management within the maritime sector.

The study aims to provide basic economic knowledge added with practical components within the maritime economy and port management processes as well as intellectual and social competences. The international character of the online learning programme is enhanced through the implementation of the English language.

After completing the studies you will be in the position of leadership responsibilities in the areas of management, planning, strategic development, product development, production and marketing. As a graduate, you will receive an internationally recognised academic degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

Next course start: summer semester 2017
Application closing date: 28th of February 2017

Key benefits.

  •     German university degree B.Sc.
  •     International examination locations on-site
  •     Flexible 24/7 online programme
  •     Combination of economics and maritime study components
  •     Professional Business partner and lecturers

Career Options.

Vocational career options.

The part-time programme Bachelor of Maritime Logistics / Port Management is a great opportunity for everyone in the maritime business without a first academic degree. It is also appropriate for professionals who already work in the maritime business and want to develop their professional career further. In just 8 semesters while still working you improve your skills and can entry into higher employment positions. The comprehensive combination of economics, maritime logistics and port management issues is unique and will provide you an advantage for your career. Learn from our internationally experienced professors and experts from the maritime business. Modules were in step with actual practice, so you will learn not out of books! Upon successful completion, you will be awarded with the academic bachelor's degree in Maritime Logistics / Port Management.  This degree will entitle you to continue with a master study of your choice.

Further study options.

Graduates may enrol in the Master programme “Operation and Management of maritime Systems” or “Digitale Logistik und Management” at the Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design.


The online Bachelor study Maritime Logistics / Port Management is a cooperation project of WINGS GmbH and bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, the Port Management Company of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. The cooperation of WINGS GmbH and bremenports ensures a unique blend of academic and professional expertise for the benefit of the student.

A consulting and engineering company with its own port – this sums up bremenports GmbH & Co. KG. bremenports combines hands-on competence from operating the ports of Bremen / Bremerhaven with international consultancy experience. The company has managed the port infrastructure in Bremen and Bremerhaven on behalf of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen since January 2002. bremenports market their engineering and development competencies in port planning, construction and infrastructure operations and maintenance to private and public clients outside of Bremen. Projects not only focus on consultancy, but also on human resource development in the field of ports and terminals.


The study modules and bachelor thesis are evaluated according to international standards. A total of 180 credits (ECTS) are awarded. The study programme includes 32 modules over eight semesters with a project workshop within semester 4 and 6/7. The programme is taught in English. Throughout the programme, you are introduced to scenarios experienced from your professional environment, identifying problems from the operational environment and develop scientifically-based solutions. For further information about the content of the modules please check the appropriate modules.

1st semester
  •     International maritime SCM and logistics
  •     Marketing of maritime services
  •     Private law
  •     Port organization and management
2nd semester
  •     Financial accounting
  •     Law of the sea and maritime law
  •     General economics
  •     Mathematics
3rd semester
  •     Project management
  •     Port technology
  •     Statistics
  •     Strategic management
4th semester
  •     Ship operation: safety, health, environment
  •     Operations research
  •     Scientific and research methods
  •     Project workshop I (conception phase)
5th semester
  •     Port planning
  •     Cost accounting
  •     Shipping management and economics
  •     Container terminal operations
6th semester
  •     RoRo terminal operations
  •     Bulk terminal operations
  •     Economic policy and management
  •     IT & MIS
  •     Project workshop II (realization phase)
7th semester
  •     Project workshop II (realization phase)
  •     Financial management
  •     Risk management and transport security
  •     Transport policy
  •     Business simulation
8th semester
  •     Trade and asset finance
  •     Relationship management & maritime community
  •     Bachelor thesis


The online Bachelor study Maritime Logistics / Port Management is a cooperation project of WINGS GmbH and bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, the Port Management Company of the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen.

The online study is a part-time programme of WINGS GmbH under the academic competence of the Net.Uni, a central facility of the University of Applied Sciences at Wismar. The modules are taught by professors from the University of Applied Sciences at Wismar, by professors of other universities as well as by experienced lecturers from practice in regularly scheduled online tutorials.

Our study organisation want to make sure that your online distance learning is compatible with your professional activity. You decide when and where you work with the substantial topics of the study.

During your online Bachelor programme you have a personal study consultant available.

Teaching Forms.

Interactive exercises and case studies.

For each module you receive detailed online lectures which are divided into chapters. To apply the acquired knowledge from the online lectures immediately, you are asked test questions after each chapter. Simultaneously you get case studies that you are going to solve either alone or within a group. The solutions of the case studies can be discussed with your tutor in the provided live video conferences.

Tutors System.

Online tutors will be available at fixed or variable dates in order to discuss individual issues.

Examinations at study locations.

Each module concludes with an examination (written or project work) which you can attend at one of our seven international available study locations or abroad at Goethe-Institutes. We prepare you in detail for the exam with test questions, test exams and our tutorial system.

Online Tools.

Online campus.

The online study platform Moodle is the basis of your entire online study programme Maritime Logistics / Port Management. Through Moodle you attend your online modules, download your module documents and learn about events and schedules.

Online modules.

Focuses of knowledge transfer are recorded interactive online modules/lectures. In the online lectures the main study contents are taught and a comprehensive exam preparation is made possible.

Time management.

The integrated “Time Manager” helps you with recommendations to your studies. All important dates (exams, tutorials, video conferences) are part of your schedule, too. It is always available on your calendar on the online learning platform Moodle and can be exported as an Outlook calendar file.

Live video conferences.

At specified dates, live video conferences with training staff and tutors take place. These will contain specific chapters and topics of the online modules according to your schedule. Participation in the conferences is completely free of charge. They are recorded and available on your study platform around the clock.


With the innovative WINGS App you have all information for your studies at one mobile application, both online and offline. In addition to scores, news, lecture and seminar dates you have all study materials, live tutorials and interactive video lectures available on the app. The learning videos can be downloaded to your tablet and viewed offline at any time by using the app. With the app you can access any course content anytime and anywhere. The WINGS App also convinced when awarding the INNOVATION PRIZE – IT 2016 of the Initiative Mittelstand and is even represented in the BEST OF.

Examination Locations.

Each module will be completed with an written exam about 120 minutes or alternative examinations. The examination location can be chosen individually. You can complete the examinations at the following international study locations.
  •     Germany
  •     Indonesia
  •     Singapore
  •     Malaysia
  •     Thailand
If required, you are allowed to complete the exams at other locations (after individual consultation with your study programme coordinator). We work closely with established universities and Goethe-Institutes. During the semester you may switch between examination locations.

Alternatively and depending on the respective module, examinations can be submitted as presentation, as a group and project work on real case studies conducted via online meetings.

Admission Requirements.

To be admitted to the online Bachelor programme Maritime Logistics / Port Management, following requirements have to be fulfilled:
  • University entrance qualification as well as
  • Proof of appropriate English knowledge. Applicants whose native language is not English have to demonstrate, through appropriate documentation, that they can complete their studies in English, e.g. TOEFL test with minimum certification of B2 level.
We are happy to examine your individual admission application in terms of the background of your personal situation.

Study Fees / Financing.

The semester fee of EUR 1,370 covers all your relevant study services. Among the individual study support, this includes access to the online study platform Moodle, attendance at the online tutorials, study materials (mock exams) and examinations at one of the offered examination locations worldwide. On request we offer the tuition fee payment by installments.

Wismar University:

Wismar University is an advanced and innovative education and research institution with over 100-years of academic excellence. It is an international university that is practice and business oriented with over 8,500 students studying both on-campus and through online or part time.
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